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Hertfordshire’s Best Kept Secret

Your local bridal shops can make a big difference to your wedding. While brides in big cities might have a mountain of different shops to choose from, brides from smaller towns often have to make do with shopping online. However, because bridal shops attract a lot of once-in-a-lifetime customers, they’re often not in a central location with a lot of foot traffic. It can be tricky to track down one that stocks that one last perfect item, be it favours, stationery, or a gag gift for the bridal shower! Read on for the guerilla bride’s guide to tracking down the best bridal shops Essex has to offer.

Firstly, get online. Shops that don’t rely on “drop in” shoppers keep overheads low by having a premises a little less centrally located, but if they’re staying in business, they must be advertising somewhere. Use or good old google to narrow it down by your local area, for example by searching “bridal shops in Hertfordshire”.

Next, ask around. Ask your mates, ask your wedding planner, ask your Mum to ask her friends, ask in the office, and if all else fails in a single message you can ask every one of your facebook friends.

If you’re looking for a particular item you’ve seen in a magazine but can’t find it in a local bridal shop, remember that you always have the option of contacting the supplier directly for stockists, or even to place an order!

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