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Where to Find Your Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner isn’t easy, but it just might be the single most important decision that you and your partner make! A great wedding planner can make the experience far less stressful and more enjoyable, helping you stay on budget and more importantly stay sane throughout this significant and stressful period. We’re the experts at finding wedding planners in Hertfordshire, so read on for our top tips for snagging the best wedding planner in town.

Firstly, before you start the search, sit down with your partner and agree how much you’re willing to pay for a wedding planner’s services, and only start searching once you’ve agreed. Stick to your budget and be up-front; there’s no point starting work if you haven’t broached the subject. When you interview potential planners, politely inform them that you’ve already agreed on a budget. Many charge flexible rates, so don’t be put off if the figure on their leaflet seems out of your price range!

Agree with your partner what the wedding planner’s job will be. Some couples choose to hand over everything to the wedding planner, while others hire a wedding planner just to co-ordinate the day and negociate with other professionals, having already made all the decisions. How involved to you want to be in the day? Be realistic, and also ask “How much time every day can I spare to plan my wedding?”

Last but not least, use The Wedding Finder to meet the very best wedding planners in Essex.

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