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Why Have a Wedding Planner?

Jennifer Lopez played one, and everyone laughed at ‘Fronk’ in Father of the Bride, but what can a wedding planner do – and do you need one for your big day?

In many cases, the answer is probably yes – for various reasons.

For starters, planning your big day can seem a daunting prospect. And the run-up to your wedding day is an incredibly busy period, especially if you both work full-time. You probably want to save your holiday for the honeymoon, and there are only so many lunchtimes, evenings and weekends to visit florists, caterers, photographers and vicars.

Depending on what your dream wedding looks like, you may simply not have enough time to plan everything single-handedly. A planner can do all the telephoning and ordering and look after the details for you. They also have the contacts to know where to source the best suppliers at the best price – keeping things within budget.

You’ll also love the attention to detail and moral support a good wedding planner provides. One call is all it takes – then you can sit back and look forward to the most important day of your life.

The Internet is a good place to start your search for a planner. At, we have plenty of wedding planners for you to make contact with, whether you want wedding planners in Essex, wedding planners in Hertfordshire or anywhere else in the UK.

And if you plan weddings yourself, advertise with us and reach thousands of prospective new customers.

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