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Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue: The Questions to Ask

When looking at wedding venues, it’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of a place and sign the contract before considering the more practical aspects.

Unless the location is so bewitching that you’re happy to plan yourentire event around it, consider the size of your guest list and budget. Equally, have a clear idea about whether you are having your ceremony and reception in different venues or the same one.

Visit and check out the décor – will the place need a lot of expensive flowers to make it look attractive? Where will you do photographs?

Is there an in-house caterer and what food can they do? (Try it first!) Are there any restrictions on which outside caterers you can use? Is the venue licensed?

You should also ask about wheelchair access, parking, nearness to public transport, cancellation policy, payment schedule and what deposits are charged. Check the small print for hidden extra fees.

If you want a band and dancing ask about this, and whether a sound system is in place.

It’s also helpful if there’s room where you can get changed and draw breath for five minuteson on the day.

Get the venue right and the rest tends to fall into place! Check out, whether you’re looking for wedding venues in Essex, wedding venues in Hertfordshire, or anywhere else. Our comprehensive online directory provides listings of all the services you need to have the special day you deserve, under a single virtual roof.

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