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Hair Comes The Bride

Hair Comes The Bride

You’ve booked the venue, chosen the dress and started on the flowers, but have you considered one very important part of your big day? Your hair will frame your face for your photography, reflect the look that you are trying to portray, and be a vehicle for decoration such as tiara or flowers, so it is important to plan early and plan well.

It is a good idea to make an appointment early to discuss your requirements.  Think about the season, and what sort of ‘do’ will suit your dress.  Also make sure you tell the stylist about your hair type, so that they know how firmly it will need to be fixed, and whether it is prone to frizz in damp or humid weather.

If you are planning a colour change, start early to make sure
you get the colour you are looking for long before the big day, to give you the chance to correct any errors.  This is also a helpful tip to avoid any honeymoon disasters; as it is always good to let coloured hair settle before exposing it to sun and swimming.  Although a dramatic colour change will be eye-catching; it is worth considering how you will feel later on when you return to your wedding photographs, so ensure it suits your personality and style and be comfortable with it.

Length matters.  If you picture yourself with long, flowing curls on your big day, but are growing out a straggly bob, be realistic.  Stylists quite often have ideas to make the most of what hair you do have, and hair pieces and attachments are
excellent ways to add length and volume, if properly done.

The style should complement your dress rather than overwhelm it.  If you have chosen a sleek, modern dress, then a sleek, simple up do will be in keeping with the style; where a flowing, Grecian style dress may be better suited to a looser style with perhaps a few curls and more ornamentation.  Looser, more relaxed styles have made a big come back in bridal hair fashion, and provide a relief from more traditional, tightly bound ‘do’s which last all day but can be somewhat severe with your dress.

Whatever decoration you decide on, plan in advance how it will be fixed in, and again, your stylist will be able to advise and make suggestions according to your hair type.  If you have fine, straight hair, for example, then a toothed comb is unlikely to stay put.  A tiara can be an excellent option, as grips and pins can be hidden to ensure it stays firmly in place all day.  Fresh flowers can be stunning, but can begin to look past their best during a hot summer wedding, so either plan for an alternative, or talk to your stylist about a do which will make it easy to remove and still look good without the ornament later in the day.  Do have a practice run (or 3) so that you can choose a style you are truly comfortable with, test its staying power and ensure any clips or headdress remain in place.
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