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Taking The Veil

The veil is an historic piece of clothing with many symbols and suggested origins.  Roman brides wore a large, brightly coloured veil to repel any evil spirits lurking.  In Judaism, the veil dates back to biblical times and symbolises the grooms promise to protect and clothe the bride; and some say shows that the groom is demonstrating that even with her beauty covered, the bride is still worthy of everlasting love.  In more recent time, covering of the hair and face seems to have signified virginity, and the lifting of the veil is significant as symbolic consummation. 

Most brides in the modern world opt for some for of hair accessory or head covering, although the tradition veil is slightly less popular than it once was.  The major deciding factor is likely to be your dress – a good bridal parlour should be able to advise on what will both match and enhance your chosen dress, and should have plenty of examples for you try different styles.


A look that’s both modern and classic is the narrow headband.  Adorned, singly, in pairs or plain, a satin band can suit either an ‘up’ or flowing hairdo, add a tinge of colour and keep unruly hair in place for the day.


The tiara has been bang on trend for some years, offering you the chance to go for glitteringly beautiful swarovski crystals and a true princess style; or if you prefer, something elegant and understated, perhaps studded with pearls.  A specialist headgear supplier should also offer metalwork tiaras, and even hair vines, exquisite tiara style head dressings which are usually fklexible and allow you to create intricate and secure styles with minimal effort.


A jewelled comb will be securely attached into teased hair and can come with any adornment you can think of.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers do look fantastic, either tying in with your bridal bouquet or adding a splash of the exotic.  Speak to your florist about the types of flowers which will survive the day without water, and how they can be securely fixed, be it on a comb, wire or band.  It might be an idea to ask the florist to create two, in case your beautiful accessory gets bruised during all the celebratory hugging!

Silk flowers

Silk flowers have come on a long way; and have all the benefits of fresh but with added durability.  A bridal parlour will likely be able to supply or help you to find a supplier, and don’t forget to check out the internet (and our accessories pages!) for likely stores.

Almost every bride nowadays opts for some form of headwear or tiara to go with her beautiful wedding dress.  Headwear can be a tiara, a veil, a hair pin, a hair slide, or anything that you can accessorise your wedding dress, or bridesmaids with.  Headwear and tiara designers take a lot of time to create some absolutely beautiful headwear items that you can keep as a memory forever.  Some designers use Swarovski crystals in their tiara pieces, where as others use fresh water pearls.  The designers who are crafty with metal can also create some unusual and very lovely headwear pieces for your wedding day.
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