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Tips and Tricks for the Groom to Be

Tips and Tricks for the Groom to Be

So many wedding guides give plenty of information for the bride, and after all, for so many couples, the wedding is very much about the bride, so why not? That said, the day is about the pair of you, your coming together as husband and wife, and the beginning of your lives together.  It goes without saying that many brides will live up to expectations; planning the event with military precision, enjoying the fuss and drama, but what about the groom? Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for the big day:

   Has the groom proposed.
The proposal
Do plan this.  You will both remember it for life, and making it special really will earn brownie points.  Do find out her ring size, and of course it is worth speaking to her friends or casually dropping some hints as to the sort of ring she would like.  This is an aspect you don’t want to get wrong, as not only is it likely to be a fair investment, but a piece of jewellery she will not only treasure but wear forever after, so she needs to love it! Look at the style of her current favourite pieces of jewellery, and perhaps ask a friend who knows her taste.  Tradition suggests spending 1 to 2 months salary on the ring; but a word to the wise, cost isn’t everything.  The style, cut and quality are important, but spend as much as you are comfortable with as no doubt your bride will be happy with what you can afford provided it is chosen with love.

Whether your bride is casually happy with a small do or prefers something with a bit more oomph, the chances are she will want your input.  You may be the type of groom who has long planned your wedding; or you may have no interest in the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses or whether it’s a church, registry office, synagogue or hotel.  However, it is likely your wedding will be costing plenty, your friends and family will be attending, and it will be important to them and your wife to be, so get involved and help with planning.
A wedding can be planned quickly, but usually takes around at least a year to plan properly, so start early.  Decide on your best man and ushers early on, and rope them in to help where possible.  Choose ushers and a best man you can rely on, as they will likely be a big help, and remember that your best man will likely be giving a speech, so make sure your choice is someone you will trust! Venues get booked up very far in advance, particularly if you are planning a summer wedding, so that should be your first port of call.  Other services to plan far in advance will be the photographer, any outside catering, and of course stationary which will need to be sent out quite early.

The Stag Do
No one can tell you how to have your perfect stag do.  It may involve hiking, karting, paint balling or an adventure break.  It might be Aiya Napa and plenty of beer.  Whatever you decide, plan a budget, give your best man a guest list, and tell him what you DON’T want to do.  It makes sense to plan the stag do well in advance of the wedding – we have all heard apocryphal stories about raucous stag parties kidnapping the groom or divesting him of body hair.  Hopefully yours won’t be quite so exuberant, but if you have a couple of weeks to recover, you should have time to grow back your hair or find your way back from France!

The wedding day - the bride and grooms special day 
The Big Day
When the event finally dawns, it is wise to have a fresh, clear head, so try not to over indulge the night before, even if you are staying at your venue or with the boys.  A good, hearty breakfast is an excellent plan it will give you energy for what will be a long day and hopefully help settle any jitters.  A good tip is to have a professional shave, which will leave you feeling groomed and looking confident.
Try not to drink too much during the day, especially prior to the speech, so you can keep your clear head.  Once your duties are done, you can relax and let your hair down!
Make sure you and your bride take some time out from the festivities and actually enjoy your day together.  It can be easy in a whirlwind of guests, photo’s and activity to spend most of the day apart, so take some time out to greet your guests together and reflect on the day before it becomes a memory.

The Speech
Practice.  practice, and practice some more.  If you are used to public speaking then this may not involve too much trauma, but for many Grooms, the speech is a nerve wracking part of the day, so get ahead and make sure your speech makes sense.  Keep it light hearted, include some points of emotion, and don’t forget to include your mums.  There are plenty of templates available for those who really cannot think of the perfect speech, but do include some personal details, and think about including people who have helped in quirky ways, as this will help everyone to feel really involved in your day.

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