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Wedding Planners

Could a Wedding Planner Help You?

While many of us plan to get married or have a civil partnership at some point in our lives, not all of us are cut out for the mammoth organisation that can be involved in such occasions.  After all, there are a plethora of considerations that need to be taken into account and making sure all of them are sorted out can become almost a full-time job.  When you and your partner decide to tie the knot, it can be an exciting time, signally the start of your lives together, your public commitment and the joining of your families.  Planning the party is also exciting, but for some people the whole experience can leave them tired and stressed, and juggling the sheer magnitude of the tasks as well as making other plans for the future and ensuring family considerations are met can simply out too much pressure on. 

You need to choose an appropriate venue and this in itself can be a nightmare.  The venue you choose is so important - setting the tone of the day, the distance your guests will need to travel and the type of reception you have, so it is crucial that this is a careful decision.  Often, the prime spots for such activity are booked up well in advance, particularly on weekends during the warmer months.  You will no doubt want to view several venues, examine menus, talk about rates and decor, and ensure that the space is suitable for what you require and for the number of guests you will be having. 

Once the venue is settled, it is on to the catering, from welcome drinks to canapés, barbecues, the toasts and everything in between.  You will no doubt need some vegetarian options, and to consider non alcoholic beverages for drivers and non drinkers.  Then there is the evening buffet, which will be a feat of planning in itself.

As well as this, you will need to plan your wedding outfits and this the entire wedding party, so will mean the bride and groom, as well as the bridesmaids’ and best man’s attire.  Will they need bouquets and button holes?

Meanwhile, wedding entertainment is a must as you cannot let your guests down and fall at the final hurdle.  Depending on the time of the service and the intervals between photos, food and speeches, a wedding can be a very long day, so some entertainment is a really important tool to keep your guests enjoying themselves - especially if you are planning changes of clothing or similar which will mean more downtime for most guests.  You may opt for mobile discos, singers, magic or more. 
Then of course there is the transport to the venue and accommodation for any people who have travelled to make it to the event.

And there is the honeymoon to sort out, if you intend to go somewhere after your big day. 
Arranging all of this can be difficult, stressful and time consuming.  However, there is no need to panic, because instead, you can invest in wedding planners to make your life easier.  Proper wedding planners are trained to sort out the preparations and they know exactly what to do.  Not only this but they tend to have useful contacts, getting you the best service and quotes available, to make sure your days goes smoothly and professionally and to deal with any problems along the way without making the experience stressful or unpleasant for you. 

Most planners are flexible and will give you whatever level of help you need.  You may want them to handle everything with a few basic ideas from you, or you might prefer a more hands on approach - but either way a good planner will give you the support you need.

Placing yourself in the hands of a specialist like this can be a significant weight off your shoulders and leave you free to prepare yourself mentally for the union you are about to take part in, and give you time to really enjoy the process.
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