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Wedding Transport

Wedding Transport

However you decide to arrive at, and leave from, your wedding, you will want it to be comfortable, stylish, and functional.  You will consider cost, practicality and availability, but ultimately you will need at least one mode of transport unless you are lucky enough to live close to live close enough to your venue to walk or be staying at the venue in advance and after the wedding.  You may require one vehicle to do multiple journeys to transport the bride and her father, groom and bridesmaids, or if you have further to go, then more than one vehicle may be a better option.  Usually you will need to transport the bridesmaids, followed by the bride and her father, and then ‘going away’ transport unless you plan to spend the night at your venue.  It is traditional for the best man to transport the groom to the church rather than using a chauffeur, and the going away car which used to be decorated with old shoes and tin cans and driven by the groom has fallen out of favour in light of the length of modern receptions and of course the drink driving issues associated.

   wedding transport
There are a whole host of traditional and modern options available with today’s bride not being restricted to the choice of simply horse and carriage or Rolls.  Of course, your fairy tale wedding may demand exactly that.  From Jordan’s pink Barbie style pumpkin coach to an Asian style tuk tuk, the variety is virtually endless.

Traditional transport includes cars such as large luxury limos either in the vein of the Bentley or Rolls Royce, or you can choose a more modern option like a huge Hummer or a bright pink Cadillac.  Vintage cars and coloured limos may be difficult to find and therefore get booked up very far in advance, so leave plenty of time and make sure you begin your enquiries far in advance.  You could also choose a horse and carriage, which can be very grand and romantic, or rather more rustic if you prefer.  They are obviously more suitable for short journeys and you will need to factor the time they take into your schedule for the day.  They are also clearly very reliant on the weather, so if you are planning a Spring or Autumn wedding for example, you may need to have a contingency plan such as a protective hood.

Some of the more unusual methods of transport include:

If you plan to marry near a lake or river, say the Thames, then a boat is an imaginative choice.  You could use a smaller boat for the bride and groom to head for the reception, or even hire something larger to transport your guests!

An expensive option, this one is more likely to be suitable if you are marrying at a large, luxury hotel who are likely to have a heli pad or be happy with you using the grounds.  You will need to charter a helicopter with a pilot and make sure you have arranged your collection point properly too.

Unusual vehicles:
You can also hire emergency vehicles, such as a fire engine, use a motorcycle, tuk tuk, or a London bus, even arrive by London Cab if that’s what takes your fancy.  The tuk tuk is an oriental style three wheeled rickshaw seen all over Thailand and Asia, and can be hired for something completely different.  These suggestions may seem rather less practical, but can provide a novelty factor for those wishing to try something more unique.

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