Calla Lillies are becoming a more popular option, with long, clean lines and a purity of form; these are available in a waxy white, with shades varying through pink and purple to inky black, and look stunning in striking, modern bouquets.

Sunflowers can be a bit unwieldy for the bridal bouquet, but their vivid yellows and burnt orange tones can be perfect for a summer wedding room set, perhaps on the table in slim vases or even tied into seat backs.

As autumn approaches, sunflowers are still a seasonal option, and could be combined with deeply coloured dahlias in rich wine reds and purples to hit an autumnal note.  Jewel like gerberas are a popular autumn choice, offering a variety of colours, and large, striking blooms, although smaller varieties are now more readily available, offering the colour without necessarily the size if you would prefer something bold but not quite so large.  For something really different, Google “succulent bridal flowers” – these exotics are perfect for the bride who doesn’t want anything too ‘girlie’, and are a great complement to autumnal colour themes.


Many autumnal herbs and flowers carry through to winter, so anemones and gerberas are still topical, and if you are planning a Christmas themed wedding, work wonderfully well with red and green colour ways.  Ranunculus are also available in similar colours, similar to tightly bunched roses, and make gorgeous button holes as well as looking great in bouquets and table settings.  For something paler; perhaps whites, greens or soft, buttery yellows, cymbidium orchids with their waxy, exotic petals and long stems create a look of fragility and femininity, despite being hardy cut flowers.