The key factor to look for when choosing wedding singers and entertainment is versatility. It’s all very well having a string quartet that will sound beautiful as the guests come into the venue and find their seats, and of course provide you with a lovely backing as you walk down the aisle, but later on when you and your friends and family want to let your hair down and really celebrate it won’t be so great.

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One solution is to arrange two sets of entertainment, one for each of the wedding venues – one for the service and another for the reception. This way you can be as formal as you like when it’s appropriate and then go all out with something really funky in the evening. These days some couples even go as far as engaging mobile discos to liven up the reception. Mobile discos can play all your old favourites and you can work out a play list in advance so the music is both personal to you and perfect for the night.

Another particularly wonderful thing to do ask as any musical members of the family (or close friends) to play or sing something at the wedding. It’s not only a beautiful gesture to make, offering someone the chance to contribute to your wedding day, but the importance of the task won’t be lost on them and you may find your loved one gives the performance of their life. It’s a way of both saving money and making a wedding day even more personal and special.